Midwife’s Musings – ‘Should I listen to my baby’s heart rate at home?’

Is there anything more magical than the moments that you get to hear the reassuring sound of your baby’s heart, rhythmically tapping away?  As a midwife, that is one of my favourite sounds, and it is always such a beautiful moment when you see a Mum’s eyes light up in excitement or her anxieties easedContinue reading “Midwife’s Musings – ‘Should I listen to my baby’s heart rate at home?’”

Midwife’s Musings- Birth bag- What do I need?

What do I need to pack? This is a question I’m often asked by pregnant women. It’s something that can vary if you are in a host country, so I’ve included some top tips, as well as tips from Instagram followers who have kindly shared their experiences. If you’d like to add yours, feel freeContinue reading “Midwife’s Musings- Birth bag- What do I need?”

Midwife’s Musings- When to ask for help

Whilst most pregnancies are ‘straight forward’ and many women won’t experience any of these problems, it is always good to be prepared, just incase. If you are pregnant or a new parent abroad, particularly if you are in a remote location, knowing when you need medical help can feel like a mine field. Our bodiesContinue reading “Midwife’s Musings- When to ask for help”