Induction in Thailand – Kristin’s story

Kristin has really kindly allowed me to share her blog post about her pregnancy and birth experience in Thailand. If you’d like to check our Kristen’s blog to see more of her content, give this link a cheeky click: and she can be found on Instagram at @familyseesworld. WOW! Just wow! My baby boyContinue reading “Induction in Thailand – Kristin’s story”

Niara’s arrival in Nairobi- Elizabeth’s story

My husband and I met in West Africa where he was on a church planting team and I was working in public health with a faith based NGO. We got married and started our life together in his home country of Kenya. We were settled in Nairobi at the time we got pregnant and thereforeContinue reading “Niara’s arrival in Nairobi- Elizabeth’s story”

Cardiac complications and Hydrops in Indonesia- Amy’s story

Our third son Phineas’ story began about a month after our family moved overseas to Indonesia.  We had just lost a baby due to ectopic pregnancy 2 months prior and weren’t expecting to get pregnant again so soon. God had other wonderful plans.  In the midst of culture shock and the stress of transition, we found outContinue reading “Cardiac complications and Hydrops in Indonesia- Amy’s story”

Midwife’s Musings- Birth bag- What do I need?

What do I need to pack? This is a question I’m often asked by pregnant women. It’s something that can vary if you are in a host country, so I’ve included some top tips, as well as tips from Instagram followers who have kindly shared their experiences. If you’d like to add yours, feel freeContinue reading “Midwife’s Musings- Birth bag- What do I need?”

A Swedish experience of a challenging pregnancy and birth in the States – Sophia’s story

I was born and raised in Europe but I lived in the US when I found out I was pregnant. I had come to the US in 2005 to be an au pair (live-in nanny), and then ended up staying, getting my Bachelor’s and Master’s and working throughout. I started out in Washington DC, butContinue reading “A Swedish experience of a challenging pregnancy and birth in the States – Sophia’s story”

Midwife’s Musings- When to ask for help

Whilst most pregnancies are ‘straight forward’ and many women won’t experience any of these problems, it is always good to be prepared, just incase. If you are pregnant or a new parent abroad, particularly if you are in a remote location, knowing when you need medical help can feel like a mine field. Our bodiesContinue reading “Midwife’s Musings- When to ask for help”

Zed’s arrival in Ghana- Gretal’s story

Gretal kindly shared her first birth story here, and has generously written about the birth of her son Zed, below. Happy reading! This pregnancy was very different, and more difficult, than my previous one. This may be because this pregnancy was mostly spent in an African village. The first 3 months involved low appetite andContinue reading “Zed’s arrival in Ghana- Gretal’s story”

Midwife’s Musings- Maternity care abroad

So you’re pregnant overseas? Congratulations! At times it can be easy to feel like you’re on this journey alone, but really you’re part of a club of women who have decided to expand their families outside of their passport country, and ultimately, you’re also part of a global community of women navigating pregnancy, birth andContinue reading “Midwife’s Musings- Maternity care abroad”

Noah’s birth in Ghana- Gretal’s story

My husband and I arrived in Ghana when I was 7 months pregnant with our first child. We contemplated and prayed about where to have our baby and we both came to peace about delivering at a hospital in Ghana that some of our colleagues had used for other illnesses. There was an American doctorContinue reading “Noah’s birth in Ghana- Gretal’s story”