Adoption in Finland- Paola’s Story

Paola is an Italian mother living in Finland. Her multicultural family includes her husband, two children via birth and adoption, and a support child. She blogs about her family life at The Elephant Mum. She has kindly allowed me to interview her about her family’s experience of adoption in Finland. How did you come to be inContinue reading “Adoption in Finland- Paola’s Story”

Military Mum in Germany- Louise’s Story

Louise is the founder of Little Troopers, a charity that supports children in military families. When she gave birth to her daughter in 2003, Louise was a serving soldier of the British Army, in Germany, with her husband deployed as a front-line soldier in Iraq. She has kindly agreed to share her story, which alsoContinue reading “Military Mum in Germany- Louise’s Story”

Birth in the UK- Aggie’s Story & Midwifery Advice

Aggie, or Agnieszka, which is her Polish name, is one of my amazing midwifery colleagues who I met when we trained together in London. She is an incredible midwife, so anyone in London should look her up! Aggie has kindly agreed to share her experience with us below about when she first arrived to theContinue reading “Birth in the UK- Aggie’s Story & Midwifery Advice”