Honduras Pandemic Birth – Kristin’s story

Kristin lives in Honduras and can be found on Instagram (@add_to_the_beauty_kristen) and she has really kindly allowed me to share her birth story which she features on her blog. Click here to read more of her posts. It has been a bit overwhelming trying to find a way to start writing out this story. Childbirth,Continue reading “Honduras Pandemic Birth – Kristin’s story”

Navigating hospitals in Japan – Caityln’s experience

Caityln, author of the Little snail…inching along blog (https://inchbyinchlittlesnail.com), has generously allowed me to share her experience of maternity care in Japan. To read her birth story, click here. When you find out you’re pregnant in Japan, one of the first things you’ll want to do is “shop around” for hospitals. Despite living in Tokyo,Continue reading “Navigating hospitals in Japan – Caityln’s experience”

Lillian’s birth in Japan – Caitlyn’s story

Caitlyn has really kindly allowed me to share her birth story which can be originally found on her blog: https://inchbyinchlittlesnail.com/2016/02/08/lillians-birth-story/. Click the link to read more of Caitlyn’s posts. By my weekly checkup on Thursday, January 28th, it was 3 days past Lillian’s expected due date, and doctors guessed we would have to begin the processContinue reading “Lillian’s birth in Japan – Caitlyn’s story”

Induction in Thailand – Kristin’s story

Kristin has really kindly allowed me to share her blog post about her pregnancy and birth experience in Thailand. If you’d like to check our Kristen’s blog to see more of her content, give this link a cheeky click: https://www.familyseesworld.com/ and she can be found on Instagram at @familyseesworld. WOW! Just wow! My baby boyContinue reading “Induction in Thailand – Kristin’s story”

Rainbow pregnancy in Uganda and birth in America- Lauren’s Story

I wrote about the beginning of my pregnancy journey for the blog and now I wanted to continue where I left off… My husband, Eric, and I had been living in Mbale (the eastern region of Uganda) for the first 7 months of our marriage. When we got married we knew we would move outContinue reading “Rainbow pregnancy in Uganda and birth in America- Lauren’s Story”

Niara’s arrival in Nairobi- Elizabeth’s story

My husband and I met in West Africa where he was on a church planting team and I was working in public health with a faith based NGO. We got married and started our life together in his home country of Kenya. We were settled in Nairobi at the time we got pregnant and thereforeContinue reading “Niara’s arrival in Nairobi- Elizabeth’s story”

Cardiac complications and Hydrops in Indonesia- Amy’s story

Our third son Phineas’ story began about a month after our family moved overseas to Indonesia.  We had just lost a baby due to ectopic pregnancy 2 months prior and weren’t expecting to get pregnant again so soon. God had other wonderful plans.  In the midst of culture shock and the stress of transition, we found outContinue reading “Cardiac complications and Hydrops in Indonesia- Amy’s story”

Midwife’s Musings- Birth bag- What do I need?

What do I need to pack? This is a question I’m often asked by pregnant women. It’s something that can vary if you are in a host country, so I’ve included some top tips, as well as tips from Instagram followers who have kindly shared their experiences. If you’d like to add yours, feel freeContinue reading “Midwife’s Musings- Birth bag- What do I need?”

A Swedish experience of a challenging pregnancy and birth in the States – Sophia’s story

I was born and raised in Europe but I lived in the US when I found out I was pregnant. I had come to the US in 2005 to be an au pair (live-in nanny), and then ended up staying, getting my Bachelor’s and Master’s and working throughout. I started out in Washington DC, butContinue reading “A Swedish experience of a challenging pregnancy and birth in the States – Sophia’s story”

Midwife’s Musings- When to ask for help

Whilst most pregnancies are ‘straight forward’ and many women won’t experience any of these problems, it is always good to be prepared, just incase. If you are pregnant or a new parent abroad, particularly if you are in a remote location, knowing when you need medical help can feel like a mine field. Our bodiesContinue reading “Midwife’s Musings- When to ask for help”

Zed’s arrival in Ghana- Gretal’s story

Gretal kindly shared her first birth story here, and has generously written about the birth of her son Zed, below. Happy reading! This pregnancy was very different, and more difficult, than my previous one. This may be because this pregnancy was mostly spent in an African village. The first 3 months involved low appetite andContinue reading “Zed’s arrival in Ghana- Gretal’s story”

Noah’s birth in Ghana- Gretal’s story

My husband and I arrived in Ghana when I was 7 months pregnant with our first child. We contemplated and prayed about where to have our baby and we both came to peace about delivering at a hospital in Ghana that some of our colleagues had used for other illnesses. There was an American doctorContinue reading “Noah’s birth in Ghana- Gretal’s story”

Midwife’s Musings- I see you Mama, you did not fail!

Hey Mama, I see you. I see your hurt, your disappointment and your guilt. I see your shame and frustration with your body. You’ve heard the narrative that your body is built to give birth ‘naturally’ without the need for doctor’s intervention, that this is the best way to give birth and anything else isContinue reading “Midwife’s Musings- I see you Mama, you did not fail!”

Midwife’s Musings – You can do it!

Before I start this post I want to begin with a caveat. Before I moved to Uganda I worked in a high-risk ward where I cared for women with complications during their pregnancies and I’ve also sadly met many families whose pregnancies did not have a happy ending or that sadly led to birth trauma.Continue reading “Midwife’s Musings – You can do it!”

Midwife’s Musings- Top Tips for Birth Abroad

Getting ready to become a parent, or to add a new child to your growing family can often seem daunting, particularly if you’re doing so in a country that is not your passport country. Here are some handy hint of things that might help you as you prepare: 1. Which country? I know this soundsContinue reading “Midwife’s Musings- Top Tips for Birth Abroad”

Home birth in Mozambique- Tawnya’s story

My husband and I had originally planned to have two children, close together. My son was 5 months old when my husband told me he was ready to have another. At first I cried. Not because I wasn’t ready but because I knew I’d never be pregnant again and I loved being pregnant. We wereContinue reading “Home birth in Mozambique- Tawnya’s story”

Birth in Tennessee- Nicole’s Story

I am from the USA, but my husband’s passport country is Brazil. I gave birth in Tennessee at a birth center far away from my family. My daughter, Bianca Rose, is my first biological child and she was born vaginally in a water birth. I didn’t think I would ever have a water birth, butContinue reading “Birth in Tennessee- Nicole’s Story”

Pregnancies and Births Abroad- Leigh’s story

One of my friends Leigh has kindly allowed me to interview her and ask her about her experience of her pregnancies and labours abroad. Please find her stories below. Thanks so much for sharing with us today! Would you be happy to give us a brief overview of how you came to be in aContinue reading “Pregnancies and Births Abroad- Leigh’s story”

A Rainbow baby in the Middle East- Hannah’s Story during the Corona pandemic

In my mind, Edward’s birth story begins on a sorrowful day four years ago in May. My husband and I had recently arrived in the Middle East to begin language learning when I went into preterm labor with our first baby, giving birth at 22.5 weeks. In the course of one brief day we experiencedContinue reading “A Rainbow baby in the Middle East- Hannah’s Story during the Corona pandemic”

The grace of a good doctor- Becky’s birth in Southeast Asia

God gave me some of the greatest gifts in life with my four sons and my sweet daughter. Pregnancy and birth stories are unique to every mom and every baby. These life-altering experiences frame much of life after they occur.  My first two children were born in the United States. I had a wonderful, caringContinue reading “The grace of a good doctor- Becky’s birth in Southeast Asia”

New arrival in Uganda- Abbie’s Story

My husband and I have worked in the D. R. Congo (DRC) since 2013, and were due to return from a home assignment in Canada June 2018, three months before our baby was due. We had talked with the missionary doctors in and around our location, and they recommended we go to Kampala (Uganda) forContinue reading “New arrival in Uganda- Abbie’s Story”

Eden’s birth in Nepal- Kylie’s story

Giving birth to our first child in Kathmandu, Nepal was something we had prayed long about. Coming from the U.K. I knew it would be such a different experience than going back home, and we weighed the pros and cons and ultimately felt God give us peace and the green light to have Eden inContinue reading “Eden’s birth in Nepal- Kylie’s story”

Midwife’s Musings- Power of Connection

Joy, fear, excitement and anticipation are just a few of the emotions which pregnant women have shared with me. There’s nothing like the journey to becoming a parent (for the first or multiple times) to provoke a whole spectrum of emotions, experienced over the course of months, weeks, days, hours and even minutes. The experienceContinue reading “Midwife’s Musings- Power of Connection”

Dad’s experience in Papua New Guinea- Rebecca & Brandon’s Story

Rebecca and Brandon live in Papua New Guinea and they have kindly shared Brandon’s experience of their son, Tobiah’s birth. Tobiah Carl Zimmerman was born at 11:45 pm on 11/11.  Baby weighed 3.7 kg = 8 lbs, 2 ounces. Tobiah is the main character of the book of Tobit, found in the Catholic Bible, but notContinue reading “Dad’s experience in Papua New Guinea- Rebecca & Brandon’s Story”

Military Mum in Germany- Louise’s Story

Louise is the founder of Little Troopers, a charity that supports children in military families. When she gave birth to her daughter in 2003, Louise was a serving soldier of the British Army, in Germany, with her husband deployed as a front-line soldier in Iraq. She has kindly agreed to share her story, which alsoContinue reading “Military Mum in Germany- Louise’s Story”

Unexpected birth in China- Michelle’s Story

Not According to Plan The surprise pregnancy had not been in our plan. I would have to face my fear of giving birth in China. But God knew what he was doing. And in the end, giving birth in my host country gave me one more bonding experience with my local friends, a deeper understandingContinue reading “Unexpected birth in China- Michelle’s Story”

Birth in the UK- Aggie’s Story & Midwifery Advice

Aggie, or Agnieszka, which is her Polish name, is one of my amazing midwifery colleagues who I met when we trained together in London. She is an incredible midwife, so anyone in London should look her up! Aggie has kindly agreed to share her experience with us below about when she first arrived to theContinue reading “Birth in the UK- Aggie’s Story & Midwifery Advice”