The grace of a good doctor- Becky’s birth in Southeast Asia

God gave me some of the greatest gifts in life with my four sons and my sweet daughter. Pregnancy and birth stories are unique to every mom and every baby. These life-altering experiences frame much of life after they occur.  My first two children were born in the United States. I had a wonderful, caringContinue reading “The grace of a good doctor- Becky’s birth in Southeast Asia”

Eden’s birth in Nepal- Kylie’s story

Giving birth to our first child in Kathmandu, Nepal was something we had prayed long about. Coming from the U.K. I knew it would be such a different experience than going back home, and we weighed the pros and cons and ultimately felt God give us peace and the green light to have Eden inContinue reading “Eden’s birth in Nepal- Kylie’s story”

Unexpected birth in China- Michelle’s Story

Not According to Plan The surprise pregnancy had not been in our plan. I would have to face my fear of giving birth in China. But God knew what he was doing. And in the end, giving birth in my host country gave me one more bonding experience with my local friends, a deeper understandingContinue reading “Unexpected birth in China- Michelle’s Story”