Rainbow pregnancy in Uganda and birth in America- Lauren’s Story

I wrote about the beginning of my pregnancy journey for the blog and now I wanted to continue where I left off… My husband, Eric, and I had been living in Mbale (the eastern region of Uganda) for the first 7 months of our marriage. When we got married we knew we would move outContinue reading “Rainbow pregnancy in Uganda and birth in America- Lauren’s Story”

Niara’s arrival in Nairobi- Elizabeth’s story

My husband and I met in West Africa where he was on a church planting team and I was working in public health with a faith based NGO. We got married and started our life together in his home country of Kenya. We were settled in Nairobi at the time we got pregnant and thereforeContinue reading “Niara’s arrival in Nairobi- Elizabeth’s story”

Zed’s arrival in Ghana- Gretal’s story

Gretal kindly shared her first birth story here, and has generously written about the birth of her son Zed, below. Happy reading! This pregnancy was very different, and more difficult, than my previous one. This may be because this pregnancy was mostly spent in an African village. The first 3 months involved low appetite andContinue reading “Zed’s arrival in Ghana- Gretal’s story”

Noah’s birth in Ghana- Gretal’s story

My husband and I arrived in Ghana when I was 7 months pregnant with our first child. We contemplated and prayed about where to have our baby and we both came to peace about delivering at a hospital in Ghana that some of our colleagues had used for other illnesses. There was an American doctorContinue reading “Noah’s birth in Ghana- Gretal’s story”

Home birth in Mozambique- Tawnya’s story

My husband and I had originally planned to have two children, close together. My son was 5 months old when my husband told me he was ready to have another. At first I cried. Not because I wasn’t ready but because I knew I’d never be pregnant again and I loved being pregnant. We wereContinue reading “Home birth in Mozambique- Tawnya’s story”

New arrival in Uganda- Abbie’s Story

My husband and I have worked in the D. R. Congo (DRC) since 2013, and were due to return from a home assignment in Canada June 2018, three months before our baby was due. We had talked with the missionary doctors in and around our location, and they recommended we go to Kampala (Uganda) forContinue reading “New arrival in Uganda- Abbie’s Story”